E.G.N.Y.A. is a special charity that provides care and support to people with intellectual disabilities.

50 Years E.G.N.Y.Y.A. - 50 Years of Love & Support

E.G.N.Y.Y.A. celebrated 50 years since its foundation with a festive event held on Wednesday 13 December 2023 at the Municipal Hall of Saronicus.
50 Years of E.G.N.Y.A. - 50 Years of Love & Support - EΓNYA

Beneficiaries of E.G.N.Y.A., presented a theatrical performance with scenes from Greek cinema. The event was attended by the Lyceum of Greek Women - Keratea Branch and the Gymnastics for All Team of the Lavrio Tennis Club.

During the event, people and companies that have been supporting H.G.N.Y.A. for many years were honored as benefactors. During the award ceremony, awards were presented to the Holy Metropolis of Messogaia & Lavreotiki, to Mr. Athanasios Martinos, who was represented by Mr. George Pagoni, Director of the Donations Department of Aigeas AMKE, to Mr. Mr. Ilias Kaisaris, General Manager and Owner of the Kaisaris Schools, Mr. Georgios Papanikolaou, Mayor of Glyfada and Mrs. Anastasia Tsiakalou, President of the Charity Association "Social Support".

At the same time, awards were given to DESFA S.A., the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Mr. Ioannis Vardinoyannis, ATTRATTIVO, the Food Bank and Mrs. Elizabeth Fotinelli. The event was honoured by the presence of Father Timotheos Angelis, Archpriest General Commissioner of the Metropolis, who represented His Eminence Metropolitan Nikolaos of Messogaia & Lavreotiki, Mrs. Sophia Zacharaki, Minister of Social Cohesion and Family, who represented the Prime Minister, Mrs. Vasso Laspi, member of the General Council of ESAMEA, who represented the Prime Minister, representatives of the political and business world, representatives of institutions and services, as well as members of the local community, with a large turnout.

1) The Action concerns the continuation of the support of the operation of the structures by the KDEFs/other Centres, which were funded during the 2014-2020 programming period under the "ATTIKI" 2014-202 programme, until 31/12/2025.

By including the Facility in the FP 2021-2027, the EYNYA ensures the following:

A) The provision of day care and accommodation services to persons with disabilities, as follows:

(i) needs assessment, development and implementation of an individualised education, care and rehabilitation plan, including early intervention services,

(ii) training in social and life skills, with particular reference to applications of

modern technology, supported decision-making and sex education and health programmes, and preparation for independent or assisted living,

(iii) development and promotion of professional/employment skills, including professional

guidance and pre-vocational training,

(iv) promotion in employment and labour integration, using appropriate methods and tools,

(v) supportive and therapeutic interventions at individual and group level,

vi) preparing meals and catering for the beneficiaries,

(vii) recreational, cultural and sporting activities,

(viii) training, support and counselling programmes for families and/or carers,

(ix) community awareness and education programmes on issues relating to disability, disability

combating prejudices and adopting modern concepts of it,

x) training and education programmes for staff and volunteers,

(xi) recording and continuous evaluation of activities,

xii) transportation of beneficiaries to and from the Facility

The above services are provided for at least 4 and no more than 8 hours per beneficiary per day, during working days, including the transport of the beneficiaries to and from the Facility.

B) The implementation of networking and cooperation actions with social institutions/providers of social services such as Community Centres, and other structures providing similar services and the local community in general (e.g. municipalities, sports, cultural or other types of associations, educational community, etc.), aiming at the interconnection of the structure with the local community, the integration of beneficiaries in it and consequently the strengthening of social cohesion at local level.